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About Bridging the Gap

About Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap offices are situated within The Raylor Centre in York. Staff members conduct the work within the community, including Probation Approved Premises, Probation Offices and Prisons.

The service aims to help individuals attain the three basic needs to live in society: a job, a home and healthy relationships.

As part of a whole systems approach, Bridging the Gap complements other organisations’ requirements to provide support and development for those men in the community at risk of confrontation with the criminal justice system and the consequences that brings. Some of these men may already have experience of being in custody or be at risk of being so.

Each person is a unique individual with a distinctive life story and set of events (internal and external) that have led them to the point where they require support to maintain and develop their freedom in the community.

Each person is considered and treated as a whole person within the context of their current situation. The role of Bridging the Gap is to provide the structured and intentional living and learning environment that they require to successfully learn the skills to obtain and sustain the basics of modern living, a job, a home and healthy relationships and to continue and develop an independent life in the community.