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Bridging the Gap Interventions


Below are the interventions that are offered by the Bridging the Gap staff team to the men who are referred and accepted into the service.


Engagement work

Delivered in 6-8 individual sessions around readiness for treatment, engagement and motivation. Engagement sessions can be done whilst the individual is in prison or the community.



Delivered in  6-8 sessions around personality disorder and an introduction into DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy)


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

DBT is delivered in individual sessions with the men and the team is currently running a DBT Skills group in York. This includes four modules: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. We have also recently introduced a Compassion Focussed Therapy component within the group. Each module concentrates on teaching the men skills and how to use these in everyday life to support managing their mental health.  The group  will run on a rolling schedule so the men can join at the beginning of any module. Each module is run through twice, which takes approximately a year. 


Life Skills

‘Life Skills are delivered on an individual basis depending on need. This can include interventions to address Housing issues including applying for housing ,maintaining a tenancy, cooking (nutrition and meal planning), household tasks, self-care and diary planning. Community skills such as; shopping, people skills, leisure activities, work, education and employment, looking at CV writing and interview techniques. Advice will be offered addressing money management, applying for the correct benefits and budgeting.


Individual sessions

Individuals will be given one to one sessions to discuss their DBT and skills work as well as their progression and therapy with Bridging the Gap. Each Offender Health Skills Facilitator / Therapy and Reintegration Facilitator will have a caseload to encourage consistency with the one to one sessions and planning the therapy. 



The Bridging the Gap Team can deliver training to teams on : Aspects of Personality Disorder,  DBT and trauma.