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Journey through Bridging the Gap

How can you see if there has been a change?

Once an individual is referred to the service they will be assessed by members of the Bridging the Gap staff team. An assessment report will be generated and if an individual is not successful then recommendations and signposting to other services will be made. If an individual is accepted then a treatment and intervention plan will be formulated in conjunction with the individual and their offender manager.  We will use several outcome measures to gain information and a baseline for measuring progress. 

The individual will be reviewed in collaboration with the offender manager every 3 months and outcome measures will be repeated. This could include any additional people involved in their resettlement if appropriate. A report will be generated and the offender manager will be encouraged to update the OASys to keep continuity of recording the individual's progress. 

When an individual exits the service, planned or unplanned a report will be generated that summarises their treatment and progress. This report will also contain recommendations and signposting to other services if needed. A period of disengagement will also take place between the individual and their keyworker to enable the transition to run as smoothly as possible. A follow up at 3 months post discharge will also occur to track an individuals’ progress post treatment.